About me!

Hey witches! This is Alevrin the writer of this witchcraft blog. I love my life because I am witch!

I was born in Anatolia and still living here… Anatolia is the land of the first witches even before Egypt, so I feel so lucky that I took my first breath on this piece of earth!

People call me an artist because I am a musician and a visual artist. I am a singer/songwriter, professional pianist, self-portrait artist, and videographer.

I adore art, science, and languages and this is actually what makes me a real witch.

As a modern witch in Anatolia I am a great fan of modern science and I don’t believe everything that I hear. But when I believe, I run after it forever…

Below you can find a song and a music video of mine…

I am writing this blog because I am tired of stupid money jar spells or other funny beliefs like water is an element. I mean, come on!

You cannot become a witch with your tarot cards or wishing on your gemstones. You can only entertain yourself with your mini gothic decorated altar and mostly useless but well-designed book of shadows!

Being a witch is not that easy! You need time, dedication, intelligence, talent, knowledge, more knowledge, much more knowledge, tools, patience, and a large space for crafts… If you want real results you need to get big, real big!

I am here to guide you… Just listen what I say!

And please stop making moon waters!!