Angelic Love Spell

Welcome back, dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine! Today I want to share with you a love spell including angels. I know many of the witches are so into the topic of angels and, I, myself, also love asking for help from my angels. So today I wanted to share with you a love spell that you can practice with your angels.

Angels are the best friends of many of the witches in today’s modern world. They watch us and protect us and love to guide us through our witchery journey. So I believe the most powerful love spells are also coming from their wisdom.

Every witch has a different approach when it comes to communicating with angels. Some witches prefer to communicate with archangels, some of them prefer to talk to their guardian angels. And some witches simply call angels who want to help. I also have my own beliefs but I would like to make you feel free about choosing the angel you want to include in this angelic love spell.

So before you start communicating with the angel you have chosen first I need you to prepare some sugar. If you are a kitchen witch that would be better to cook something sweet for your angels. But if you don’t trust your kitchen skills using only sugar can be helpful too. Grab some sugar and you will also need a jar. If it is possible to choose a pretty-looking jar it is even better. What we are trying to do here is to create a beautiful, nice atmosphere to attract the angels.

Now it is time to decide what do you want from this love spell. What kind of a partner do you want in your love. So describing a perfect partner on a piece of paper would be great before you start the angelic love spell. You can write as many as you want all you need is to be clear about what you want…

So if you are ready start with lighting a candle. Blue or a white candle would be fine. If you know the name of the angel that you want to call please carve his name on the candle before you light it up. Put the sugars around the candle and sing a peaceful song for the angel to call him.

When you start to feel the angelic atmosphere just talk to your angel and let him know why you have called him and ask for his help. When you finish this step now start writing the specialties of your perfect partner on pieces of paper one by one. Fold each paper and throw it into the jar. Take your time and try to write it in beautiful handwriting.

When all of the stages are completed burry the papers in the jar with more sugar! Close the jar and put the candle above the jar until it melts out. Say thank you to your angel and sing another beautiful angelic song to say goodbye to him.

This love spell will make you feel so happy and inspired I believe. Hope it works great for you.

Enjoy the love spell!