Apple of Love – A Love Spell

Welcome back, my dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine ready for a crazy spell!! Yes! Today I want to share with you the craziest love spell of all time. Do you remember the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs? There was a bad old witch who was actually the evil queen and she was attacking Snow White with a red delicious enchanted apple and probably you all know the story. Today I want to share with you the basics of apple love spells that you can practice to get whatever you want! This is a very fun and strong love spell so I have to warn you about using it responsibly!

As I always mention, the love spells can be dangerous because we are trying to affect the free will of a person, and sometimes the consequences may not be so nice… Because as you all know everything happens for a reason and if somebody doesn’t want to be with you maybe that is for your own good so it is sometimes better the respect the order. But if you want to insist that the person that you want is just the one for you or you just want to boost the feelings you can use this love spell and I am sure it will create miracles because there is no joking when it comes to apples!!

As you know fruits are such strong elements of nature that witches can use to cast a spell and they are so effective in many ways. They not only bring health but also brings joy love and good luck as you eat them regularly. They themselves are the magic itself so to say. The love spell that I want to share with you is about boosting the power of apple and manipulating it to attract what you want.

Before you start to prepare the enchanted apple love spell you also need to think about how are you going to make him/her eat the apple that you cast a spell. This is a very tricky part but I am sure you can find a way.

Now just get yourself a nice beautiful red apple. Before we start to cast a spell on it we need to have some quartz stones and a cup of clean water. First, you need to charge the stones. Three quartz will be enough for this. You need to wash them up and then charge them with your desires keeping them in your hands. When they are ready take the apple and put it aside with the stones. Leave them aside for a night and make sure the stones are touching the apple.

Now take the water and choose a love song. ıf it can be a classical piece it is even better. make the water listen to the music as long as possible and the next day put the apple inside the water and make it wait about two hours. Done!

Hope you enjoy the love spell and hope it works for you perfectly.