Bay Leaf Magic for Money Spell

Hello and welcome back again money spell lovers! I hope your life is in abundance and you are practicing these money spells just to improve yourself as a witch! But in any way welcome back. Today I will share with you a very basic money spell but I also want to show you some tricks that you can boost the energy of the money spell…

Money spell is not something wrong after all and we should keep that in mind because I know there are still some witches who think asking for earthly things is not a witchy thing! Yes, it is! Nature is all about abundance and it is always there to share with us more and more. It is always ready to give you what you need as much as you want and for me, it is a blessing. So please always remember that not asking anything from an existence like her is just so rude though! So it is ok to ask for more and it is so good for a witch to create a better connection with nature by asking for more. And this money spell is just another tool to have a better connection with natural forces!

First of all, you need a bay leaf! They are pretty and smell so good. You can use dried or fresh it is all up to you so no need to work about it because both ways are pretty strong. When you have your bay leaf take a pen and write what you want on the leaf. You can write an amount of money or what do you need. But later always decorate the leaf with some symbols. Any symbols related to money works pretty well. If you have no idea you can dray Venus of Jupiter symbols. If you know how to use sigil magic that would also work perfectly.

When the leaf is ready now we can start the spell ritual. But let me warn you. Please do not prepare a lot of bay leaves. Only one bay leaf for each money spell! Because we are trying to strengthen a specific frequency. We have to focus on one thing at each money spell.

Now take a candle and it can be green that would be so good. But if you cannot find a green candle you can alsı use a white candle. Carve the same symbols on the candle too. This time you don’t need to write your intention or any amount of money, just draw the same symbols on the candle to connect them to each other.

Now it is time to dress the candle. use some olive oil and cover the candle with mint. Now the candle is ready. All you need to do is put the candle on the bay leaf and wait until the candle is about to die! When the flame goes weaker take the bay leaf under the candle and burn it with the candlelight. When it is all ashes throw them away out of the window!

Enjoy the money spell!