Bay Leaf Ritual for Money Spell

Hey, dear modern witches welcome back to another so cool and witchy money spell. I am a witch from Anatolia and today I want to share with you a very uncommon method of using a bay leaf in a money spell. ı am sure you will enjoy it a lot. And in case you need some extra money this is a very cool way of creating some extra money for everything you need in this life.

The best aspect of this money spell is that you can as for many wishes! Normally money spells works for only one wishes to focus the energy and if you have more than one money wishes you need to practice the money spell over and over again. But this spell gives you the chance to ask for more than one money wish in a very calming and feminine way. Hope it works perfectly for you!

And also hope you enjoy the witchcraft teas! tea and witchcraft are always together and I believe tea is a best friend of a witch! I personally adore witchy teas and consume my magical teas almost every day! So In this spell, we need some magical herbal teas but this time we are not going to drink them… But more on that later!

And finally, the star of this money spell is bay leaves! Using a bay leaf is so typical in a money spell. If you are a baby witch it may be something new for you but experienced witches know that very well that Bay leaves are simply created for witches to make money wishes! The most common way of using a bay leaf is writing your wish on it and burning it out till the ashes… This is a good method but there are some other methods that you should practice before burning the leaves to boost the energy of the money spell. So let’s start!

Take your bay leaves but do not write any wish over them because we need them clean! Make a tea out of them. If you want you can also add some other ingredients but I believe just some simple bay leaves will be enough. When the tea is ready keep it until it is bedtime and apply all the tea to your hair! Yeap! Your hair should dring it. You can massage your scalp too and wait until it dries out.

While you are waiting for it takes the bay leaves that are left out of the tea and start writing them what do you want one by one. Try to be as specific as possible.

And now it is time to make your hair. A bun works perfectly for this spell. make a messy bun with your hair and put all the bay leaves in it. And sleep with that hair… When you wake up I am sure you will feel so witchy! Now burn the leaves one by one and you can also wash your hair if it feels uncomfortable.

Enjoy the money spell!