BlueBerry Love Spell

Magic is in the air as always! Love spells are also in the air you just need to see them! Welcome back my dear modern and strong witches. If you are reading this love spell article it seems like you need some boost effect on your life or you just need to fşnd more love spells to practice to become a better and stronger witch!

This way or another I am sure the love spell that I am about to share with you will satisfy you and will be so useful for your witchy love life!

All the fruits of nature are truly magic! Easy to manipulate and easy to practice spells are generally coming from fruity spells. They are not only healthy but also have many different effects on our lives. So I love using them in my witchcraft almost every day.

Other than typical witchcraft that we practice with stones and herbs, fruits add a very different and strong essence to our spells. When it comes to love spells the effect is still the same. The magical fruits have many effects on our live life so there are many love spells based on fruits out there that I want to share with you. Blueberry love spell is just a beginning but still a very effective and easy one. ,

Blueberry is a special fruit though. Of course, all the things that come from nature are special but the blueberry is a little different because it is blue! Its taste is like nothing else and pretty healthy in many aspects. Other than these physical aspects blueberry is perfect for a love spell because of its spiritual meanings. That is a fruit that carries special meaning for lovers. I can say that it is the bringer of true love! yeas you heard me right… The bringer of true love.

You can practice this love spell to have a very deep and meaningful relationship with someone that you want in your life. All you need to do is to prepare a table for him or her. İt dıesnt have to be a very big table, it can just be a little tea table. If you can prepare it in a proper way that meeting will be unforgettable… Maybe you can have a very deep conversation about the meaning of life or life or your relationship…

First of all, you need to find some fresh blueberries! Try to have it as fresh as possible. before you start using them there is a little ritual that you need to practice before using them. Draw a pentagram on the table with sugar and put all the blueberries in the middle of it! Sing them a love song and talk to them about what you want and why you practice this love spell. They will hear because please remember they are still alive and aware! Then prepare some cake with blueberries, also prepare some tea with them. Just create a menu out of blueberries. When the table is ready make sure that some raw blueberries are also on the table that can listen to you!

Enjoy the blueberry love spell!