Body Painting Money Spell

Hello and welcome back dear modern and rich witches hope you are all doing fine and have plenty of money. But in case you are having some problems with money and in case you may need some extra cash I wanted to share with you a very cool money spell that you will enjoy very much while you are practicing it.

Like in every spell for this spell also you need some artistic talents but the fact is I have never seen any witch without artistic talents. You don’t need to be an expert but you need to be good at it!

The other important thing is the moon water part! This money spell is again moon water included like many others because moon waters are magical and I just can’t get enough of it…

The last thing you should keep in mind about this money spell is the nature of this money spell… Indeed all the money spells have their own benefits and courses so you should be careful about it. It sometimes becomes a little bit dangerous so please keep in mind that money spells work exactly like a contract with natural forces. So you have to be pretty specific about what do you need, why do you need or how much do you need. Please remember that the natural forces are always ready to give you whatever you ask for but they need you to be honest about your actions right after receiving the money that you have asked for. Otherwise, some unexpected and unwanted results may accrue and you wouldn’t like it to trust me… So just try to be sure about what do you want. You can say something like I need money for a holiday, or I need money to pay the bills… Anything is ok as long as you obey the rules of the contract!

Now grab a black or green pencil that you can paint your hands and start drawing branches all around your hands and add some nice leaves on the branches. Make them look as cool as possible.

Also, you need to prepare special moon water… Grab your citrine stone and put it in a bowl. Add some clean water and get a bay leaf as usual in every money spell. Write down what do you need and leave it on the surface of the water in the bowl. Before leaving it under the moonlight talk to the water and tell it what do you want to say to the moon. You can tell your intentions and you can also ask her for help on this money spell.

Before leaving it under the moonlight put your painted hands in the bowl. Keep it a little and then it is ready to stay out during the nighttime.

Like every moon water process, you should take it in before the first lights of the down. In the morning wash your hands with that moon water and make them paint-free again!

Enjoy the money spell!!