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Book Binding For Witches

Hey witches! Hope you are having a great time with your witchy hobbies.

This is not a ‘ How to bind a book for witches’ tutorial because you can find much better information about witchy bookbinding on YouTube but I want to share my personal ideas on this topic that may inspire you. Many of you who follow me know that I am a musician and I love old-looking sheet music pages. I love playing classical music and I used to look for old pages of Bach or Beethoven’s music. In the modern world, it is not that easy to find them, also not necessarily too because the important thing is the music itself!

But I like witchy decorative stuff because it makes me feel good while I am spending time with my piano. I love decorating my piano with gemstones candles and dried flowers. And when there is an aged paper of music it gives me a creative space to get inspired to compose. I don’t always compose but it is also much fun to play old music in this atmosphere. No need to mention that it helps in musical rituals!

So this is how I started aging the pages of music. It didn’t take so much time before I discover bookbinding! I fall in love with the hobby because that was exactly what I need.

Many of today’s witches are addicted to Pinterest and we love looking at beautiful witch aesthetic photos including old books and dark grimoires! I always imagined a library full of cool-looking beneficial books for my magick works and witchy notebooks to take notes about many different witchy works!

So I started to experiment with my useless books. There were some cheap and cheesy books in my house and I wasn’t interested in them. So I started to make book aging experiments with tea and coffee methods. I tore out the cover pages and created a book of old pages without covers.

They were so cool. I have added some dried daisies in them and this was the beginning of my very dream witchy library. And then, I started work on the covers, and one by one I had a new hobby that really satisfies me and brings out my creative side.

I also want to share what kind of book that I have created. Please be creative and don’t think it is just a process of aging a book. You can use it in many many different forms.

One of my favorite styles is creating a symbol sketchbook. I just choose a book and old it as cool as possible. Even though a book is for reading you can use it to sketch symbols. I also used to make drawings on my fight club book 🙂 So now I do it in an aged and witchy style.

Another idea is after you have recreated your book (if it is not a necessary book) you can carve a large enough square in it so you can use it as a secret box! You can keep some gemstones or ritual jewelry in it. It’s all up to your creativity.

Another thing is you can create gifts for your loved ones. After u aged and covered it with a new hardcover, just add some little symbols randomly on the pages and you can also write little messages for your loved one. Don’t forget to add some dried herbs to it too!

Also, just like me, you can create a repertoire or recipe book. Just print whatever information you want to collect and print it big enough to look cool. Age the pages. Add some symbols or handwriting notes to it. Find some wooden stuff to create a front cover and back cover and without binding just tie them with a cool witchy rope!

Please remember that you can also design a witchy look page on photoshop or affinity photo (my favorite) and you can print it that way too.

And the last idea is don’t forget that you can redesign anything as soon as it is paper through this method. So You can also create witchy posters like aged alchemy symbols periodic table or a huge world map that you can sign the places that you want to visit for rituals for magick!

To sum up, for rituals and magick you will need many books, notebooks, and tools. Witchy bookbinding hobby can provide you their items in a cooler way and you can entertain yourself or focus yourself better. Whenever you take a look at your wall posters of hand-crafted witchy books this will show you who you are over and over again.

I benefited from it a lot. Hope you can enjoy them too and come up with even better ideas! Sky is the limit!

Stay Modern Witches!