Cancer – Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Cancer Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Happy October!!! This month is one of the most important months of 2022 because the Eclipse season is around the corner! I am here to make a tarot reading for Cancer and try to reveal what secrets this Solar Eclipse on October 25 holds for Cancer. Let’s dive in!

This Magical Solar Eclipse on October 25 will be happening in your 5th house! And I don’t know what is cooler! Are you ready for love? The love season is officially here for cancer witches! It is so clear that a new era in your love life is starting but please don’t take it like an amazing relationship is there for you… It’s more like a perfect relationship is waiting for you but to reach that destination you have to walk a long path!

What I am seeing in your cards is you may have been through a lot of relationships but you still have no idea what is love and what is peace and happiness that one can find in relationships. Maybe so far your romantic love life was more like a duty and responsibility. Even though you are happy you are still far from real love and peace!

But this will change clearly! With this Solare Eclipse on October 25, you find some opportunities to understand the nature of love, and probably in one and a half years, you will be in the arms of real love.

The rest of your cards are even more exciting! I am seeing that this journey, even though it will lead you to the love of your life, will take you to an inner path! It’s like meeting yourself and your own heart at last! It’s like finding the true guidance inside! In this process, I am hearing that you will understand the importance of your feelings and finally stop discarding them. Letting your feelings guide you sooner or later will give result in a great relationship. So it seems like you are a master at lying to yourself that you are happy in your relationships. Somehow you refuse to see the truth and lock yourself in unsatisfying relationships! But now the lesson starts and an amazing future is ahead!

During this period I am also seeing that you will discover a lot about yourself. Because spirit wants you to know that you have no idea who you are! What you really want and what you really need is nothing but a mystery yet! So on this journey, you will be discovering your true self and probebly you will be a shock! That is so cute because please note that our most important relationship is with the one in the mirror! Are you ready to meet the one you see in the mirror?

As a witch here is a humble advice; practice mirror rituals! If you have no idea start by looking into your eyes! Deep down try to see the one… Magically it helps a lot to meet the one in the mirror!

I wish you the very best! If you enjoy tarot readings please visit my youtube channel because you don!t have to be alone in this life journey!

See you in another reading!