Citrin and Honey Money Spell

Hello and welcome back gemstone and crystal lover modern witches. Hope you are all having fun in your magical lives and always hungry for some more spells to add to the book of shadows. Today I want to talk about a money spell that you can use the perfect dance of Citrin Stone and honey! They both are magical and they both are carrying secrets that are yet to be solved but a talented witch! Remember what I always say; witchcraft is all about connection! So it is time to stop playing witchery and start being a real witch! Because I won’t be able to tell you how to practice this money spell, only Citrin and honey can tell you this! But do not worry I will provide you with some guidelines through this money spell journey!

The truth is I have never seen any witch who is not in love with gemstones and crystals! Sometimes they give you a feeling of great power and potential and sometimes they are just so beautiful that you can look away. What is certain is that they all carry a secret. You may want to make research online about a gemstone that you want to use in a money spell but I believe a good witch directly talks to the stone itself to find out what is up with it! I believe that is a much better way to start spell work. A stone carries a lot of secrets and has countless ways to help you throughout your journey.

When it comes to honey it is still the same. Because anything that comes from nature has a unique story to tell a witch. Most of the withes can feel that there is something hidden and somehow they can’t get enough of the stone or the honey since it looks so beautiful but you should start communicating.

So let me give you some guidelines for a money spell that you can create with Citrin and honey… They love each other because they are coming from the same frequency family. The same frequencies support each other and boost the energies of each other and it is like volume up the radio so that you can hear what they want to say to you.

To start with get a Citrin stone and find some natural honey. Try to spend time with each of them one by one before meeting them. If you cannot feel anything there is no need to worry about it. Be patient. In the second stage cover the citrin stone with honey and do not try to avoid honey. Let some honey stay on your hand. At this level of the money spell, you can start feeling more. Don’t do it at night with a low light condition. Try to use the sunlight because you need to see them clearly. At some point, you will feel that you need to do something to attract abundance into your life and this will be what you should do. Hope you can hear them. If you can’t feel anything try that again one week later.

Enjoy the money spell…