Dark Red Love Spell for Him!

Welcome back, dear modern witches. Hope your life s going magically and you keep enjoying it. ı love sharing with you love spells every week and hope they are useful for you. For me, this is a giving back to the community action because so far I have benefited from love spells a lot and can’t even imagine a life without them.

In the previous love spell that I have shared with you a pretty red love spell and as I can see many of you loved it. But that red love spell was only to attract love and passion to your life. It wasn’t serving to attract someone specific to our lives. So today I have decided to show you how you can use a red color love spell to attract a person that you adore to your life. I am sure you will like it because this is a little bit dar spell.

Before you decide to practice this red love spell please make sure that this love spell will also be good for the other one that you want. Because manipulating someone is not that ethical. Just make sure that he or she also has some interest in you and he or she would also be happy to be in a relationship with you. If you are sure and able to take the responsibility that goes ahead and practice this red and dark love spell to attract the one that you want to your life and have a happy relationship with him or her…

This love spell is something that you can practice in your room. You just need some photos of the one that you adore. If it is possible a hair of him or her would be great too but if it is not possible the photos will be fine too…

Using some photo editing app you need to edit the photos a little bit. Turn the colors red as much as possible, like applying a red filter. Then print the photos and create a board of cartons! Pin the photos on the carton and then print more photos of lots of items but manipulated with a red filter but make sure that there are many red items like lipstick or berries or roses. Anything can help and then print them and add them to your board!

Now you have a very cool red-based cardboard and I am sure it looks great. Now you need some sugar and red watercolor! You need to turn the white sugar into the red with the watercolors. If you can do it in a different way try that too. Put the cardboard on the ground and sprinkle the red sugar over it.

Now the final touch… We need your blood! Please be careful with it. You can use your finger to have your blood, just one or two drops will be enough to enchant the whole board. Drop your blood in the middle of the board.

Make the board wait about a week or two and then take your board and go out. Now it is time to burn it! Burn it all to the ashes and the love spell will be completed…

Enjoy the dark red love spell witches!!!