Five Earth Ritual Money Spell

Hello, dear modern witches and welcome back to another money spell that you can practice at home for some extra money… Don’t mind me when I say extra cash because this money spell is all about gaining huge amounts of money. The results are so powerful also it is such a witchy money spell ritual. I admit that it is not a very easy one but not impossible at all and trust me the results will be worth it!

First of all, this is a money spell of the earth! So the element is so powerful and earth is also the biggest symbolism of all the abundance on the earth because everything comes from the earth including us!

Also, a great symbol will play a strong part in this money spell and I personally always benefited from these ancient symbols that we draw while practicing a spell or a ritual so I trust this money spell a lot.

I know that every with has her own unique path to follow in witchcraft. Some of them prefer working with the moon and some of them are attracted to the sea elements but no matter what kind of a witch you are the earth element is always so powerful for all of us. This is why I dare to suggest this money spell for all of us. If you are an experienced witch, please always feel free to add some powerful elements of your style to boost the energy. Personalizing magic is always so powerful in my opinion. But if you are a baby witch please do not force yourself to add something new. the basic structure of this money spell will be enough for you to fulfill your desire.

Now the first thing you need to do is go and visit an old friend, the forest! Forests are the source of whatever we are looking for so if we are looking for something big it is always a good idea to visit the forest! When you are there you need five different jars from five different specks of dirt that you will gather from five different corners of the same forest. Sounds magical right… It is also so powerful. So when you are back home you will need some thyme but before that, you need to find a place close to your bed to practice the money spell. You need a wooden floor to draw the symbols.

When you find the correct place for the money spell, draw a big pentagram symbol with thyme on the wood. And then put five different specks of dirt on each corner. You must start feeling the magic in the air starting with that moment. I always loved that feeling. Grab your citrine stone and put it in the middle. But before you place it in the middle make sure that your crystal is clean and charged with your money intentions. Then place it into the middle of the symbol. Go to sleep and let the magic do its job! Everything will be fine the next day!

Enjoy the money spell…