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Leo – Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Leo Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Happy October!!! This month is one of the most important months of 2022 because the Eclipse season is around the corner! I am here to make a tarot reading for Leo and try to reveal what secrets this Solar Eclipse on October 25 holds for Leo. Let’s dive in!

This Magical Solar Eclipse on October 25 will be happening in your 4th house! Hey Leo! It’s time to create a balance between your working life and home life. Seems like there are some lessons to learn during this Solar eclipse. During eclipse times it is sometimes a beginning of a new journey or an end of a circle. But what I see in your cards is that you are clearly at the beginning of a new journey and so much to learn about your home!

The spirit is saying there is a couple of questions you should work on! Are you happy in your house? You should start discovering if it is really a comfort zone for you or just another battlefield! Some of you have a family and some of you alone but in both ways, you should start thinking about whether you are happy with your flatmates or not. Who do you want to live with? What kind of decoration do you need? What needs to be fixed? Is your house over-cluttered? There are many other questions that will be unlocking your fourth house and at the end of this journey, you will finally experience what home really is! And the journey begins during this Solar eclipse on October 25!

The spirit is saying that you have neglected this area of your life for a really long time because of your work life. You are so focused on your business and new brilliant ideas and this is preventing you to see where you live and what you really need in this life. So we can easily say that this Solar Eclipse will help you to discover the secrets about your soul and thoughts related to ‘home’!

Now it is time to drive your creativity to your home! Of course, I am not saying let go of your work life but you need to balance and you should remember that your home is also as important as your career! But even though it seems frustrating I am hearing that this period will be so much fun for you. Discovering who you are and what you want and what kind of habitat you need to survive on planet earth will be nothing but a great adventure for you. You may need to change locations a lot but within a year and a half, I am sure you will be much more clear about what you need!

If you are a witch or any kind of light worker I can easily say that your house needs to connect with you. Where you live right now or your future home feels you and needs to connect with you so that would be a great idea to focus on house or hearth magick!

I wish you the very best! If you are interested in more Tarot readings please visit my youtube channel, you don’t have to walk this life path alone!

See you in another reading!