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Libra – Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022

Libra Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading October 25, 2022ç

Happy October!!! This month is one of the most important months of 2022 because the Eclipse season is around the corner! I am here to make a tarot reading for Libra and try to reveal what secrets this Solar Eclipse on October 25 holds for Libra. Let’s dive in!

This Magical Solar Eclipse on October 25 will be happening in your 2nd house! Even though it is a material house I can say that what you are going through may look like a material issue on the surface but it is deeper though! It seems like so far you have been working on your financial issues and obviously enjoying the benefits of this but the main problem is still not solved! Emotional security is still lying in the background of your life. And this Solar Eclipse on October 25 you will have a chance to revisit your financial approaches! I am feeling like there is a huge fear related to security. It may be caused by any kind of trauma but it is time to heal it now.

The rest of your cards are showing me that you also have a problem with trusting other people and trying to work with them may be turning into great chaos for your soul. But it seems like now it is time to take action to heal this!

There will be a lot of opportunities for you to bring this problem to the surface and some of them may not be so pretty. But the spirit needs you to remember that everything is happening for a reason and even though you don’t feel so you are always safe and everything is going to be fine at the end of the day. All your fears are just a nervous system failure and even though there is something scary you can still stay calm and feel secure.

For some of you, I am feeling a new relationship can enter your life to bring emotional security which is so cute because the loneliness times are over at last! But still, you should learn to comfort yourself.

But for all of you, I can say that a new era is starting and it seems like you all are so brave enough to dive into the unknown for more and I am so proud of you. There are so many secrets you need to learn about yourself and your past life, and the more they are revealed the better and safer you will be. So I can easily say that some of you starting to take more serious your shadow work and this will be so rewarding at the end of the day.

If you have questions on your mind about where you are going and why you are doing this, the spirit says that trusting is the most important issue in your life, and once you solve this, many other dreams will come alive and finally you will be enjoying a life that you deserve.

So I wish you the very best! If you like Tarot and Witchcraft content you can always visit my youtube channel for more!

See you in another zodiac reading!