Lightful Love Spell

Hello, dear modern and lovely witches. Hope you are all doing fine and practicing beautiful spells to make the world a better place… So, to make the world an even better place I keep sharing with you all the love spell in my book of shadows. Some of them may be a little dark but I promise you today’s love spell will ve such a lightful love spell and even though you are not a witch I am sure you would like to practice this spell as a hobby because this is a craft-based love spell…

This lightful love spell is all about creating light in your room that will provide and protect the love in your life. No matter if you have a lover or are alone, this lightful love spell vibrate love energy into your room and makes you breathe it as much as possible to have a loveful life.

Love and light are so similar to each other and we can even say that they are the same thing from different aspects. They both radiate light and warmness and they both make you feel safe. One of them saves you from darkness the other saves you from loneliness. Light brings love and love brings light and this is the basics of the love spell that I want to share with you today.

First things first, you need to go shopping first. Since this is a lightful love spell I need you to find a night lamp for your room. Any kind of lamp it can be but make sure that you are not buying it to decorate your bedroom but to practice a love spell. So try to choose a lamp that gives you energy and is suitable to practice a love spell, like pink or red-colored and rose or heart decorated.

Get back to your room and decide a nice day to practice the love spell. It can be full moonlight and any night that venus has a nice aspect in the sky. To find these dates you can check out some astrologers on youtube that are always there to provide free information about the positions in the astrological sky.

When the time is up light up some pink or red candles and turn of the light. Here comes the most enjoyable part of the spell. Start decorating your lamp in the light of the candles. Maybe you won’t be able to see the details very well but that is even better because all you need to do is follow your heart. I repeat we are not decorating your room but practicing a love spell to attract love.

Decorate your lamp with rose petals, some other herbs like hibiscus and rosemary, or any other herbs that you want. You can use coconut oil to stick the herbs. also, add some cinnamon and sugar. You can draw symbols with cinnamon and sugar. It is all up to your creativity but please always include the symbol of Venus since it is the best representation of love.

When it is ready light it up and keep lighting it up every night for at least about an hour…

Enjoy the love spell!