Love Spell Before Sleep

Hello everyone. Welcome back my dear modern and cool witches. Hope you are all doing well in this crazy world and I am sure you are all well because you always have the support of unseen forces and your magic of course!

Today I want to share with you a very cool love spell to attract love to your life. I love this love spell and this one is maybe the most favorite love spell in my book of shadows. ıt is so much fun to practice and gives me an amazing feeling of self-love! But of course, this is not a ‘love yourself so you can find love in this life’ spell! This is directly awaking the forces of life to bring you love but still, it is so much fun and makes you feel so special.

As you all know sleeping is almost a superpower. But only a few are aware of this. If you know how to speel right you can benefit from it a lot and it would become an art! And I believe every witch should master this art of sleeping. It is possible to approach spelling from different aspects like dreaming or relaxing but Today I want to focus on a magical aspect of it.

Sleeping has the power to reprogramme your mind and we all know this very well. Many students study before sleep to wake up knowing it all! But we should not forget that sleeping has also the power to reprogram the body! It can make you vibrate the energy that you want to vibrate throughout the day so you can attract whatever you want through this method. And I believe every with should master the art of sleeping to become a very powerful witch! So today I want to share with you how you can reprogramme your body to vibrate love energy throughout the day to attract the love you want into your life.

Let’s begin… The key is how you go to bed, though! Many of us have different routines or even rituals to practice before going to bed which is perfect but if you simply go to bed and sleep I’d recommend you to think again because you are missing a lot.

There are many methıds to do to attract love before going to bed but I want to share only some of them here.

First, brush your hair and sprinkle some rose water on it. Make sure to wear a nightdress which is red and if possible tie a red bow on your hair.

Grab your eye pencil and draw some symbols on your neck! I love doing this almost every night. I enjoy drawing the Venus Symbol or sigils and sometimes I write a love quote. It is all up to you. It only should be relevant to love.

If you are using peeling for your feet try to use sugar.

Now you are ready to sleep. Lay down on the bed and clear your mind. You should relax now but let the rose quartz help you. Keep the quartz in your hand and lose yourself in the paradise of loveful thoughts. You are free to think whatever you want…

Enjoy the love spell!!