Love Spell Chocolate

Welcome back, dear modern witches. here I am with you again with the most delicious love spell ever… The chocolate love spell!! Yes, you have read it right. I am literally talking about preparing a love spell chocolate. If you are a kitchen witch this love spell will be even easier for you. But if you are not a kitchen witch you don’t need to worry about it because what you are about to cook in the kitchen is something very easy and also fun.

Before I share with you the recipe of this love spell chocolate first I want to talk about for what purpose you can use it. Generally, love spells that I have shared with you so far are serving for only one purpose. To have a good relationship, improve or repair a relationship, have a good sex life, attract a person that you want, or attract a specific person who has some specific specialties and characteristics. But this love spell can be used for many purposes. The most important thing about this love spell chocolate is just being sure about what you want before you prepare the chocolate and eat it in a proper way.

First, I want to share with you the recipe and then I want to explain how you can practice the love spell for a specific goal for your love life.

First things first! Go buy your favorite chocolate! Make sure it is something that you melt in the kitchen. Don’t forget to buy some rose petals, they can be dried or fresh it doesn’t matter. If you can gather your own rose petals it is even better but if you are not an experienced witch you don’t have to do it by yourself. Just but some rose petals.

When you are back home get some hot water and make tea from the rose petals. A rose tea it should be but if you are again an experienced witch you can add more herbs related to the love spell goal. When you have reddish, pinkish hot water. just melt all the chocolate that you have bought earlier. When it gets melted fully, slowly add the rose tea into the melted chocolate. Don’t add too much but make sure it is enough to give the taste.

Now you can use cake molds to give them shapes or you can keep it as a whole it all depends on you. You need to wait until it cools down and until it starts to get solid again. But be careful because you need to carve some symbols on the love spell chocolates so don’t leave it alone until it gets fully hard.

Now you should decide what you want. If you want to boost your relationship just use some Venus and Jupiter symbols and some sigil magic symbols to draw on love spell chocolates. When they get fully hard just eat it with your partner in the moonlight. But if you want to attract a specific person, write his name and add the love symbols like Venus and heart shape. When they are ready again eat them in a room lit by carved and dressed candles dreaming about the one that you desire.

Enjoy the love spell chocolate!!