Love Spell for Artists

Welcome back, my dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing well. Today I want to share with you a very special love spell but there is something very unique about this love spell… This love spell is literally for artists! Luckily many witches are artists and they include painting or drawing into their life no matter if they are professional artists or not.

Art, as based on creativity and witchery, is also based on creating something new that is unseen. So I always believed that the best magic in this world is the magic that is based on art itself! Painting your desires was always a strong way to manifest what you want. But in this article, I want to give you some tips about how you can use your artistic talents to attract love to your life. Even though you are not an artist or not into painting something this unique love spell can be a nice start for art magic!!

So, as probably you all know drawing your desires is a strong manifestation technique but every ordinary person can do that it sometimes it works sometimes not. What I am here to tell you is some techniques you can use to practice magic and boost the creation process of your desire.

Since this is a love spell, the environment must be a little more romantic. So before you start painting prepare an environment that should be supportive of your love spell. Lighting candles that are carved with venus symbols or some love-based sigils can be a good idea! Also, a rose tea may help too.

Now you should start drawing a very big Venus symbol since it is the main element that sends love energy to the world. So on your canvas or paper draw a beautiful Venus symbol. Put your hand on it and dream about your desire. This way you can change the symbol with your desire.

Now just paint the whole canvas with pink or red and let the charged Venus symbol hide under this color. Now you can draw or paint anything you want in this color and you will always know you have buried a love spell under the picture. According to your desire, you can either use it yourself or just give it as a gift to the one that you want in your life.

If you don’t want a specific love spell and you only need more love energy in your life and feel it around yourself all the time you can focus on creating interesting creative Venus symbols on the canvas. If you can make this Venus artwork process as a ritual on the nights that planet Venus is highly active in the sky this will provide you contact what its beautiful love energy. To find out the best days you can always look for the astrologers who give information about the astrological conditions in the sky. For example, a full moon that has aspects with venus is a great night to burn the candles and work on Venus Art Works…

Enjoy the love spell…