Love Spell for Couples

Welcome back, dear modern witches. Hope you are all fine and finding benefits from the love spells that I keep sharing with you. Today I want to share with you a love spell that you can practice with your partner. The aim of this love spell is to have a great and fulfilling love life together. There is no danger in this love spell so you can do it easily. Also, this love spell is practiced in the forest so this can also be an opportunity to go to the forest and enjoy nature together. At least you can think about it as a pretty romantic Sunday activity!

To practice this love spell you just need to know a little about the astrology symbols of Venus and Jupiter. You can find them anywhere on the internet so no need to worry about it. If you are an experienced witch you already know how to draw them which will be a benefit for you!

My favorite love spells are the ones that you can practice with your partner because it may sometimes become a very cool couple activity. So for the next love spell articles, you can wait for more couple love spell activities. Even though your partner doesn’t believe in witchcraft or love spells I am sure he or she will enjoy the magical atmosphere too.

So before you start practicing, if you are an experienced witch and know how to use the stars as a magic time setting that would be better. If you Don’t know you can always ask for help.

Try to set a perfect time when there is a good aspect between Venus and Jupiter it means it is a perfect time to practice this love spell with your dearest partner.

When the time is right just arrange a visit to a nice forest that feels the most magical to you. Before you start to practice the love spell try to find lots of leaves and flower petals if possible. You will need a lot.

When you are ready start drawing a circle on the ground with leaves and petals. And around the circle write these words with petals ‘Forever until the end on the eyes of nature just you and me’. It may be a little hard but I am sure you two can do that.

Then find a stick and draw the symbols of Venus and Jupiter on the ground. If your partner is male let him draw the venus symbol and you should draw the Jupiter symbol. The love spell is almost ready now. Let him sit on the Jupiter sign and you will sit on the Venus sign and then take the hands and close your eyes. Even though you don’t see anything try to imagine yourselves from the top point of view and imagine a white light comes and touches you. Keep this visualization process until you both see it clearly and when you two are ready open your eyes and kiss each other from your lips…

You both will feel the mystical atmosphere for about a month I believe…

Enjoy the love spell…