Love Spell for Daily Life


Welcome back, dear lovely modern witches. Since the previous love spell ritual had affected so many I have decided to give you more tips about how you can include love spell rituals into your daily lives without forcing so much.

To attract love or a loved one, or simply to boost the love energy in your love and relationships it is essential to use love spells on a daily basis. As we have mentioned earlier one-time love spells are effective too but to keep the fire fed I personally support the idea of using love spells as a daily routine.

But of course, If you want to add a love spell routine to your daily life it shouldn’t be something too complicated to practice and this is the main reason that I am writing this article now. To share with you the tips that you can include love spells into your daily lives to attract love and live your life to the fullest. Another profit you can get from these love spell rituals is that it will make you feel more witchy throughout the day and this is exactly what a witch actually wants in her or his mortal life!

So the first love spell ritual that I want to share with you that you can practice on a daily basis is finding a ring! Witches love rings, that is a certain truth. But many rings are charged with spells. So you can also choose a ring that gives you the feeling of love and charge it with your intentions. So whenever you wear it it will bring good luck about love to your life. If it is possible, choose a ring made of quartz cristal because they are charged better and are mostly used in spells. Rose quartz is always a good choice when it comes to love spells.

Another thing that you can add to your daily routine is drawing symbols! I am not talking about sigil magic, that is something different and needs more attention. I am talking about drawing Venus symbols as much as you can. If you are an experienced witch then you know very well that Venus symbolizes love and relationships. So it’s love energy is a must in love spells. When you draw a venus symbol it means you are directly calling for the love energy. In our daily life, many of us use pencil and paper for anything, It can be a shopping list, your business papers, reading a book underlining sentences, or even signing a paper is a great time to add a Venus symbol detail! Whenever you get a pencil just draw the Venus first and then go on your business…

This method I am seems a little odd at first sight but the more you use it the more you will see that it will immediately bring joy and prettiness to every paper you touch! It is like leaving a trace on every paper that finds you and you simply make it magical…

Enjoy the love spell routines…