Love Spell For Hopeless Loves

Welcome back, modern witches! In this crazy world, it is always good to add some magic to our daily lives and that’s why timeofwitches.com is trying to fill your book of shadows’ with many interesting spells that you can practice daily and improve yourself. The love spell segment is actually my favorite of all because at the end of the day relationships are the meaning of our lives and love relationships are so important. Plus, it is so much fun to practice a cool love spell and wait for the results.

So today I want to share a very cool love spell for the ones who are trying to survive in a hopeless love relationship. Relationships are never easy and a nice love spell always helps to balance the relationships.

Your partner may be someone who tends to cheat on you or maybe simply lies to you. Or maybe he or she is ‘not that into you’ which is so sad. But no worry, because you are a witch and you don’t need to try so hard to put things into their places because I am sure your book of shadows is full of pretty love spells. So here is another love spell especially for the ones who are trapped in a hopeless love relationship…

Like many other love spells you can also use this spell to help your other friends or to make it stronger you can practice this love spell with your other witch friends.

First of all, let me tell you all the items you need for this love spell. In many of the love spells modern witches love to use cinnamon, rose petals rose quartz, and white quartz. In this love, spell rose quartz will be fine but also try to find some fresh rose petals. Some cinnamon as fresh as possible and grounded if possible will be effective. In addition to all of these, you need sage smoke.

To begin with please always protect yourself and you can use any method for this protection. If you don’t know how to practice a protection spell before a love spell you can always find it on our website. Just choose what is suitable for you.

This love spell is actually a kitchen witchery so mostly you will be in the kitchen. Start boiling the rose petals and add some cinnamon to them. Try to turn the water into a pinkish color and when you see the color the main item of the love spell will be ready. Feel the perfect smell of rose and cinnamon together. when the water cools down put the rose quartz in it and make it soak in the water at least for 2 days like you are cleansing it. Actually, you are refilling it so before you practice this love spell it would be nice to cleanse them under the full moon.

When the rose quartz is ready hold it in your hands and tell your wish to it. Then our magical quartz will be ready to use! Place it in a room where your partner lives or if your partner has a bag or something put it there and simply say this is a gift from you. Within a month, you will start seeing the results…

Enjoy the love spell witches…