Love Spell for Lovers

Welcome back dearest modern witches.

Today I want to share with you a very old love spell of making your love relationships more intimate and loveful… Love spells are my favorite when it comes to filling the book of shadows. I personally believe that we, modern witches, should all have a different book of shadows for different styles of magics, rituals, and spells because there are plenty of methods to make the wishes come true. And love spells may be the most important part of our book of shadows’. So I believe keeping a different book of shadows for love spells would be so good for all the witches.

As you know love relatşonships are so important in our lives. So knowing love spells as many as possible is pretty important for a witch because since you are gifted you also should help your loved ones who are in need of help. Knowing only one love spell may help maybe but in the end, it won’t be enough to manipulate the energies of the universe. the more love spell recipes you have the stronger you will be. Love spells are like the keys of relationships.

Today again I want to share with you a love spell that is one of my favorite. You can use this love spell to make your relationship stronger and happy. Just think of this love spell as boosting energy for what is already good. This love spell will only boost the existing one. If you need to attract somebody else then you may need another love spell.

The first thing you need is a bathtub! Yes! This love spell is based on the water so we need to prepare special magical water. You will need some rose petals, cinnamon, rose quartz (as big as possible) white candles, and incenses according to your taste… You also need moon water that is prepared in a special way.

First, prepare moon water with rose petals and keep it outside at least for 2 days. If you can do this love spell in full moonlight that would be wonderful. When the moon water is ready, carve some venus symbols on the candles and light them up around the bathtub. Fill the tub with water and add all the moon water you have in it.

The rose quartz can be used in two ways in this love spell. The first one is placing the rose quartz near the tub and the second method is to put it inside the water during the love spell… But I personally prefer to use it in a different way in this love spell. First, put the rose quartz inside the bathtub and then leave the bathroom closing the door alone for about 2 hours. After two hours the water will be magical and you will feel it so well when you get into it.

So the love spell is ready. Now, call your partner to have a bath together in this beautiful magical moon water bath, and before you go into the magical moon water take out the rose quartz and leave it aside where you can still see it. Get into the water with your loved one and enjoy the magical night.

For best results do it every month as a ritual. Fave fun!