Love Spell for Unforgettable Kisses

There is nothing better than a good kiss! Hello and welcome back dear modern witches hope you are having a witchy day and enjoying the love spells that I have been sharing with you recently. I am doing my best to choose the ones that work perfectly and are pretty interesting to practice as a love spell. Some love spells are focused on your artistic talents while others are more related to the natural forces around us. So from the inside out practicing love spells can satisfy all the witches around the world. I have said this because today I want to share with you a very different type of love spell. So far we have talked about the love spells that were all about attracting your soulmate or taking someone specific in your life. But this one is focusing on the quality of the kisses in relationships!

We all want to give a kiss that the other person would never forget. The strong feelings start with the lips and a bad kiss may ruin a whole relationship while a perfect one can lead you to paradise. I sometimes think that the importance of kisses in relationships is underestimated a lot. Think about the best kiss you have received in your life. Have you ever received a kiss that you could never forget? Some people may say yes but many people are not big fans of kisses since the passion was absent in the kisses.

But the good news is that today I want to share with you a love spell that mainly focuses on creating an unfırgettable experience of the first kiss. So this love spell is suitable to practice right before the first dates… You can use this love spell when you are sure about your partner or at least you want to leave an impact on him like nobody else!

So, you can consider this a lip care formula but of course, it is much more complicated than that… First things first you need moon water. This is my favorite part! Moon water is so magical and a basic witchcraft item also very easy to use… For this moon water first, you need to prepare special rose water. Simply put some rose petals into the water and boil it. Then put the pink-colored water into a little bottle. Leave it outside and if possible make this love spell on a full moon night. here is your rose moon water. if you have you can also add some rose quartz into the water before putting it out in the moonlight.

Now grab some coconut oil and some sugar. Draw a venus symbol with the sugar and then add the coconut oil and mix them. Now add the rose moon water a little and mix them until it has a creamy tone. Scrub your lips with this special balm and put it in a very little jar to take with you.

Apply it again before you kiss your partner and whenever you apply it always says thank you to Venus for her help. Then you can apply your lipstick again…

Enjoy the kiss and the love spell…