Love Spell in Fire Circle

Welcome back, dear modern witches… Hope you are all doing well. So far I have shared with you many different kinds of love spells but today I want to share with you a different love spell. This love spell will be different because it is a more sex-oriented love spell. If your bedroom life is not that firey that would be nice to boost it with a cool love spell.

In other love spells that you can find on this site I sometimes underline the importance of using venus symbols and asking for help from nature. planet venus as we all know well symbolizes love and happiness. In a nutshell, venus represents all we need in this love to live a happy life. So using venus symbols in love spells is so crucial. Also, nature is maybe the strongest energy in life that provides us with anything we need. Mother nature does not only give us oxygen or food but also it brings us thee well-being, happiness, and even prosperity. Whenever I have used mother nature in my love spells she always responded to me.

It is pretty easy to practice little love spells in nature, communicating with earth and trees but this love spell is a little harder and it may even be dangerous too so please make sure you are not alone when you practice this spell.

First of all, you need to go to a forest at night. Please make sure the forest that you want to be in at midnight is a safe place. the second thing is lighting candles in the forest. You also need to be so careful about this issue because the consequences may ve so destructive if you cannot protect your candles. So I suggest you grab some tea lights that will be less harmful to nature.

After all the warnings now let me tell you how to practice this love spell. First of all grab some tea lights, white or red. Take as much as possible because you need to make a large circle.

Before you go to the forest along with having some tea lights also create a sigil symbol for your desire. If you don’t know how to do it you can learn sigil magic anywhere. Just look for it.

When your magical sigil magic is ready for the love spell now you can head to the forest with someone you trust, someone that can take care of you while you are practicing the spell.

When you are in the forest find a place that you can feel connected with nature near the trees and draw the circle on the ground with a stick or with your finger. Then go ahead and draw a big enough circle as round as possible with your candles. Now, ask your friend to light them up while you are in the circle sitting on the sigil symbol that you created for this specific love spell. As your friend lights them up just repeat the words ‘You and me, me and you’.

When all the candles are lightened up start talking to the darkness of light night aloud and let it know what you want for your relationship. When you feel heard it means this love spell is a success!

Enjoy the love spell…