Love Spell Jar

Welcome back, witches… I know we all love carrying love spell jars and it is obvious that it can literally change someone’s life. We all know how effective to carry at least a crystal in our bags. Adding herbs and salts and little other details in a jar is also effective and also beautiful for me.

This love spell jar can be used for the ones who are seeking the correct partner for their love lives. If you have a relationship it can still be used to boost the relationship or if it is not good for you this love spell jar can also be used to let go of the wrong partner and attract a new better lover that you deserve.

Love spells may look like cheating but actually, for a witch, they are a must. Because witches are the human beings that are able to use the forces of the natıre to make things right. So other than trying to find a correct one just live your life and let him or her come to you easily… There will be no forcing the universe. A love spell is also similar to making a love wish but you can think about it as a very powerful wish.

On the other hand, this enchanted love spell jar works best when somebody gives it to you as a gift. So if you are looking for a cool Christmas gift for your friends this love spell jar can be a very good option. It’s just like wishing them a very loveful year but in a very very strong and of course witchy way!

So, let me tell you how to prepare this beautiful love spell jar! First of all, you need a pretty jar. The bigger the better it is but of course try to make it reasonably big enough because I want you to carry it all the time as much as possible. You will need some incense to cleanse it first. just put the incense in the jar and wait until all the jar is filled with the beautiful cleansing smoke. When it is ready. get some grounded cinnamon and ad a little bit of the fresh cinnamon. Then, go ahead and add some pink salt on it, some rose petals but they don’t have to be grounded. You can add the fresh rose petals I believe it is better. Ad some pink quartz and white quartz to wake the souls up in the jar. And finally ad some honey over it.

Now just smell the jat and breath out into the jar and say ‘Bring the soul of love, thank you’. Now you can close the jat and seal it with the wax of a candle.

Now you can start using it. Just keep it in your bag or keep it under your pillow. They both work very well. Or as I have mentioned earlier this love spell jar is a very good option for a Christmas gift.

Enjoy the love spell jar!!