Love Spell Mask

Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the most interesting love spells that I have been sharing with you! Today I want to share with you a very elegant and creative love spell to attract love goddesses into your life so you can ask whatever you want from them! So as you can see this love spell can be used in both ways. The first one is to attract someone specific into your lives and the other is to attract more love into your life. Of course, it is also possible to ask for being more charming but since this is a love spell I want to focus on the love aspects of this spell. Hope you enjoy it.

Before all, I have warned you that this is not a very cheap love spell. You need to go out and buy some stuff to practice this love spell. As I have mentioned earlier we need to call the love goddesses so the things you will choose to buy shouldn’t be the cheapest ones! ı sometimes think that attracting a man is easier than attracting a love goddess!

Many witches enjoy a lot working with goddesses, so if you are one of them this love spell will be just what you need. I don’t want to give a specific name for the love goddess because we are all coming from different cultures and backgrounds so we all are introduced to different love goddesses. I believe that in the and they are all the same energy but I think a witch should stay true to her origins in every possible way. At the end of the day, those are the origins that make us a witch!! I believe we should be grateful for this…

So, as you can tell from the title of the spell you need to buy a mask! you should buy a simple white mask that has no detail on it because you need to decorate it according to the needs of your love goddess! generally, they all adore gold! So try to find gold colors and if possible buy real gold. The other thing that they may get attracted to is the quartz stones… Especially the pink, in other words, rose quartz! But other than the quartz I believe they would all enjoy the sparkling stones.

Another thing is the roses. Fresh or dried it can be it is all up to you. but I suggest fresh ones. because we need vitality…

Also pink or red fabrics would work perfectly…

Now when you are done start decorating your mask with these items and prepare yourself a very special ritual mask! I am sure you can do great works. You can always look up cool ideas.

When you are done all you need is to wear the mask and dance in the candlelight almost every night… One night you will finally feel them she is around and then tell her what is your desire but do not ever take off the mask!

Keep the mask for other ritual nights! Enjoy the love spell