Love Spell of Flowers

Welcome back, modern witches. Today, I want to share with you a very special and also beautiful love spell to attract the person that you want to your life. Love spells are a must for witches and we can create a complete set of books out of love spells. Relationships are the most important element of our lives and tell me who could deny that. Maybe that is why witches are tended to collect love spells in their Book of Shadows’. What ı am trying to do is give you a great collection of love spells that you can use for your daily lives.

Today’s love spell is a very bright and beautiful one because to practice this you need to go to a forest! Also ı strongly suggest you take some of your with friends to help you to fulfill your desire.

This love spell was originally designed to attract a specific person that you want to your life so please practice this love spell only when you are a hundred percent sure of who you want. But you don’t have to feel guilty about this love spell because this is not a dangerous one. If he or she is not good for you things will be ok because this is a love spell that you collaborate with mother nature. And mother nature will guide you about your relationship that you can trust her about this. ıf he or she is good for you things will turn out great but if he or she is not good for you your feelings will come to an end and he or she will be replaced with somebody good for you. So stay calm and positive about this.

The first thing you need to do is to go to a forest that is dear to you and if there is a forest that you feel connected that is even better. And then gather as many flowers as possible. Once you are ready and think that you have enough flower petals find a big old tree and draw a pentagram with the petals that you have. Make it look as beautiful as possible. And now again with petals draw some venus symbols around the pentagram to attract the beautiful energy of venus. And finally, write his or her name with petals on the other side of the big tree.

If you are working with friends simply hold hands around the tree and repeat the words ‘We are here for your guidance for love, mercy us!’ While repeating it you can start turning around the tree until you all think it is heard by mother nature. You need to follow your instincts.

But if you are alone simply hold the tree and say the words ‘I am here for your guidance of love, mercy me!’ And keep repeating the words until you feel it is heard.

Before you leave the forest if you want you can talk to mother nature aloud to talk about your personal fears and ask for guidance too. So just let nature lead you.

Enjoy the love spell…