Love Spell of Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall… Let me have the one that I love… Welcome back dear modern witches hope you are all having witchy days and enjoying your magical powers!

Today I want to share with you a very basic but powerful enough love spell that you can practice with mirrors…

There are many rumors about mirrors like they may be dangerous because they may become a portal to the other dimensions and you may get stuck there or whatever. I feel like ı need to inform you about that… Mirrors are so powerful that is true but it is not that easy to unlock a portal to a different dimension! Some candles or smoke won’t be enough to awaken some lost spirits that live on the other side.

So this love spell is perfectly safe and feels free to practice it in the middle of the night with a candle night. I, personally, tried this at midnight and I haven’t seen any lost spirits that were wandering behind me. It was just me and my love spell…

When it comes to the love spell that I want to share with you today let me talk about it a little. So far ı have always shared with you some simple and not so simple love spells to attract anyone into your life. But this is based on loving yourself. Of course, since this is a love spell our main goal is to attract love or a specific person into our lives but you can think about it as attracting a life full of love. And as we all know loving ourselves is the best way to do that. It is impossible to have a satisfying relationship with someone if you do not value yourself. This is the knowledge of ages and I don’t think anyone could deny that…

So to begin with you need a mirror of course! Since it is going to be a love spell and we are tiring to attract the energy of Venus, try to find a pretty mirror but make it large enough to draw something over it.

You will need some candles that are red, pink or white that is up to you. Find some nice smell it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you like it because we are trying to awaken the beauty within you. An finally have some rosemary!

First, carve the candles with your name and venus symbols. If you are an experienced witch you can also draw symbols that are suitable for the purpose. Dress the candles with coconut oil or rose oil the choice is up to you again. Light the candles up and turn off the lights! Now with your lipstick write your name on the mirror and again draw some Venus symbols.

Now, look at you in the eye! And try to sing a melody that first comes to your mind… You can only hmmm too but try to catch the melodies that come to you… They will guide you… If nothing comes to your mind do not force yourself but try that again next night!

Enjoy the love spell witches!!