Love Spell of Music

Angel of music, speak I listen… Probably many of you know these lines from the phantom of the opera musical. no need to say that was a fantastic musical and a masterpiece. In the musical you can find two sides of love, one is dark and the other is white. So this musical is a true story of the love energies of the universe and we, witches, have a lot to talk about the bright and dark sides of love.

When we practice a love spell mostly we try to stay on the bright side but sometimes it is so hard to resist the dark side too. Dark magic and the love spells to have the person we want in our lives and even the love spells that directly affect the free will of a love victim.

This love musical simply shows us that music has the power to create both kinds of love affairs in our lives. You can manipulate life with dark love spells of music or you can simply spread joy with white love spells.

In this love spell, I want to show you how you can use music to use both love energies to attract whatever you want.

First of all, you need to meet with the angel of music! And you should keep in mind that he has both sides, one is dark and the other is bright. You have to meet with him and have a conversation to take him on your side.

All you need is some music, a large mirror, and candles. So far I have shared some interesting love spells with mirrors but this love spell is nothing like them I assure you.

Make sure you are in a room that no one would disturb you… make sure you have wore a dress that makes you feel so witchy and of course beautiful. Make your hair and do not forget to put on some make-up too. Please remember that you are about to meet with the angel of music to win him over…

Turn off the lights, and light the candles. But before lighting them up please remember to carve them with a sigil that calls upon the angel of music. If you have no sigil idea you can simply carve a venus symbol and this will be enough to attract him I believe.

Finally put on some music. Any music may work but I believe the best choice would be the classical choices. Even the soundtracks of the Phantom of the opera may work very well to give you a sense of what is going on.

When you are ready look into your eyes in the mirror. No matter what you see behind you don’t ever look back. Start talking to the angel. You can start by saying that you want to meet with him because you are a witch and you adore those kinds of souls… Ant words that come from your soul work very well. Be patient and keep it sincere.

Once you start to feel something in the air it is done… You can ask anything from him…

Enjoy the love spell!