Love Spell of Pi

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Today I have a very special and so cool love spell, especially for scientific witches. So far I have shared faith and more old-fashioned witchy love spells so this is going to be the first time that I have been sharing with you a love spell that is based on science… The fact is it is not a good idea to call this scientific buy mathematics-based love spell. Yes! You have heard it right… We will use mathematics to practice a love spell. If you cannot relate mats to love it shows that you are really missing a lot.

Many people hate maths because the math they taught us included the magic of the universe. Every witch, especially scientific witches should know very well that maths is the language of the universe. And ıf you know how to approach math it can provide so much information for a witch. Because it is more than adding the numbers to each other! It is a form of communication. And also it is the only language that can prove the invisible worlds that we can only feel the existence!

First of all the numbers are so magical. But there are certain numbers which are more special than the others. Like Pi! many of us have heard about it and I had also written some articles about the magical aspects of Pi. So if you want more information you can read them too. But today I want to show you how you can use it to bring love to your life using this highly magical number of Pi!

Pi is a number called irrational ant this was always so amazing to me. According to Pi number, a circle is impossible or irrational. Rationally impossible to draw… This endless number is like a message for the world unseen and you can’t even guess the gifts that it can bring to you from those worlds… So this is a love spell about how you can make Pi bring amazing love gifts from the other world…

First of all, you need to take a shower and get ready for the love spell. When you are ready light up a candle but before lighting it up carve a Pi symbol on the candle. You can light three candles like this.

Now grab your eye pencil because now we need to make somebody art! Start writing the numbers of Pi on your chest! Write as much as you can but no need to get crazy about it… Now draw a Pi symbol on your belly and then draw a nice Venus symbol on your neck! Also, draw two Venus symbols on your feet. Now you are ready for the ritual.

If you have a Rose Moon Water sprinkle it on your bed and before sleeping fill the room with the weak smokes of the candles that you have lighten up earlier. You can walk into the room with them. When the room and your body are ready have a very good sleep and pay attention to your dreams… You will find so many answers there…

Enjoy the love spell…