Love Spell Potion

Welcome back, dear modern witches. Hope you are all fine and enjoying your magical life. I always believed that we witches are so lucky because life is full of miracles for us. At every corner, we can see the magic as it follows us. If you are a baby witch maybe you didn’t feel this amazing feeling but the more you learn and practice love spells, in fact, any kind of spells you will feel more witchy and this is a priceless feeling.

Every witch has her own methods and styles but my favorite was always the love spells… Relationships must be the reason for this whole life because it is how we express ourselves. Through relationships, we become who we really are and feel fulfillment.

In order to become our true selves, we need to find correct relationships because as you also know the relationships can be so intoxicated and can really destroy our life and self-respect. In order to protect ourselves from toxic relationships and attract the correct people to our lives the help of some love spell is always great. Using witchcraft and love spells is a more feminine way to solve your problems in this life so I personally love using love spells to solve the problems. This is also a way to love and take care of myself too.

So for all the witches who want to attract the right kind of relationships today, I want to share with you a very delicious potion that you can cook in your kitchen. If you are a kitchen witch this love spell potion will be much easier for you but if you are not a kitchen witch no need to worry the recipe is pretty simple!

First, grab a chocolate from the market that you want. Since this is a love spell potion there has to be some chocolate in it. Melt the chocolate and now you need to add some ingredients to it. But before you add them there are certain things that you need to do.

Grab some sugar and draw a big pentagram on the table. Light some candles that are dressed with coconut oil and surround the pentagram with these candles. The color is not important.

In the middle of the pentagram put a fresh coconut, strawberries, honey, cinnamon, and dried rose. Keep your hand over the foods and say ‘For the love of nature, for the love of great love, help me to attract the one that I need into my life’ Close your eyes and say it over and over again, Keep your hand above them.

When you are ready take the ingredients one by one and before you add them to the melted chocolate kiss them one by one like you are kissing your lover! İt doesn’t have to be a long kiss but make it filled with feelings and love that lives inside you.

Put them one by one into the chocolate and finally add the fresh coconut water and now our love spell potion is ready for the love spell!! Drink it little by little and drink it hot.

Enjoy the love spell potion!