Love Spell Ring

Hello and welcome back beautiful modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the love spells that I have been sharing with you so far! Today’s love spell is a little bit like ritual and mostly for women witches. But of course, if you are a man you can also apply it according to your own needs. So I don’t think it would be a problem.

Many of us love pieces of jewelry. We love wearing them on our necks and hands and sometimes on our hair! I have seen many witches with many different rings and necklaces on them. Most of them carry a gemstone or have a meaningful symbol. An there are countless reasons to wear them every day. Of course, some of them are just to look good or feel more witchy but no matter for what purpose you use them we can gather them all under one context. To express yourself!

The human body has the most important role to express the soul. From our hair color to dresses we choose them with or without realizing that they have the power to reflect the soul. So just like everyone witches also use this to express their witchy side and show the world who they are to gain the respect that they deserve. But if you are a witch and you are trying to hide it that is so sad because being a witch is such a special thing that can bring a lot to life.

What I want to share with you today is that you can use your jewelry as a love spell that you carry all the time on your skin. So today I will share some tips on how to turn a ring (it can be anything) into a love spell that can bring good fortune about love all the time to your life.

First of all, make sure your ring has a gemstone or a nice symbol on it. If it doesn’t at least let it be one of the precious metals like gold or silver. They all work fine with this love spell. the second thing is to find some sugar and rose petals. They can be dried too and wait for a Fullmoon eclipse in the sky. Leave them all together out to the moonlight and let it be there for a night. Actually, if you can do this as a ritual for every full moon eclipse that is even better. But make sure they wait outside inside the rose petals and sugar. You can even surround it with pink quartz stones, it can boost the effect.

While you are doing this also prepare a rose sugar moon water on that full moon eclipse night because later you will use it every week to cleanse the love spell ring. You can also use it to cleanse your body too.

Now just like charging the crystals keep the ring between your two hands and charge it with your intention. It’s ready! Don’t forget to keep it in a box full of rose petals when you are not wearing it.

Enjoy the love spell!