Love Spell Ritual

Welcome back to the world’s most amazing modern witches. I hope you are all doing fine… So far we have talked about all different kinds of love spells for different purposes and for different types of witches. But today ı want to share with you a pretty different form of love spell.

You know a love spell doesn’t have to be a special occasion that you have to be prepared very well but it can also be something that you can practice very easily as you enjoy your day. This is the reason that I have decided to call this love spell a routine… because in today’s love spell article I want to share with you some tiny little things that you can do almost every day to attract love to your daily life.

of course, every witch has their style of practicing love spells or creating their magical rituals in their daily lives but still, I want to tell you my ideas about daily witchcraft for love spells and attracting love to our lives.

Love is not a one-day thing. No matter what type of love we are talking about it is always a complicated issue and needs time to be felt. So I believe other than one-time love spells practicing a love spell routine and making it a habit can affect our love life more. No matter if you have a relationship or you are seeking one, having a nice habit of love spell ritual daily gives you more benefit than a one-time love spell.

I don’t mean that one-time spells are useless but when you do it just one time the result of the love spell won’t be so permanent. So, this is the reason I want to share with you some daily little tips to attract love to your life.

First things first… Tea is the elixir of life and I have never seen a witch without magical herbal teas. Magical herbal teas are a perfect tool to practice a love spell for yourself and your loved ones without even being seen! No matter if you are working in a company or whatever there is always time for an innocent herbal tea. Just add some dried rose petals, a little sugar, and some hibiscus herb that will be cool enough to attract the love essence to your life. Don’t forget to draw a pentagram symbol over it with your finger…

The other habit that you need to own for a loveful life or at least to attract love to your life when you wake up and make your bed put some rose quartz that is charged with your loveful intentions on your pillow and let them rest there until you go to bed again. This will enchant your bed while you are away and it will be ready for a love spell when you go to bed for a beautiful witchy sleep!

There are of course plenty of little rituals that you can add to your daily routine for practicing a love spell but these two habits will be perfect for a starting point.

Enjoy the love spell rituals…