Love Spell Tea!

Are you a tea freak!! Are you addicted to morning witchcraft? Are you also looking for some spells to invite love into your life? ı am happy to say that you are on the correct article, welcome dear morning witch!!

I know the term ‘Morning Witch’ is not so familiar but I love using this term! Because literally there are witches who are taking their power from the first lights of the down. That is a very magical moment who can deny that! I also do my best to see more sunrises in my life even though I am such a lazy daisy. But I believe that this is one of the best things I do in my life when I can get up early enough to see a miracle.

So this love spell is based on this miracle… This is a very beautiful early morning routine but you can also think about it having tea with the waking sun. For me being a witch is not only about love spells or magics. A witch must be in contact with the forces of nature and like spending time with our friends we also need to spend time with the natural forces to gain their trust and help. They are the best friends of witches and if you haven’t yet met with them please stop calling yourself a witch! The sun, the wind, the earth, animals, our body, herbs, trees, fire, sea, planets, and all the other things that I couldn’t count here are the basic forces that power a spell. Being in contact with them will help you to follow your witchy instincts to follow as a guide while practicing a spell. because actually, these are the forces that would give you what you want in this life. So before we start preparing a special tea we should understand these basics of witchcraft.

So this loves spell simply started before you go to bed to sleep! Yes! You should prepare the ingredients in a proper way before you go to sleep. because seeing them in the morning ready for you will give you a special feeling like you are welcomed and expected.

We should start with water. While there is still a moon out there you should prepare moon water in a proper way. Find a glass pot what you can prepare the tea. Now put some clean water in it. Put it outside to the moonlight so it will be ready in the morning.

Now prepare the other herbs that you want to add to your special love spell tea. The ingredients that you add to your tea are the signals that you want to send to the sun and let him know what you want. To prepare the rose petals and some hibiscus to make the tea as red as possible. Put them aside together and draw a pentagram with your finger and let them wait for you until the morning.

Wake up before the down and cook your tea imagining a loveful life. now go to your balcony and say good morning to the sun. If you know another ritual to Salud sun that would be nice too. Not it is time to drink your love spell tea and talk to the sun about your dreams about love.

Enjoy the love spell…