Love Spell to Attract Your Soulmate

Welcome back, modern witches. Hope you are all doing well and hope all these love spells that I’ve been sharing with you for a while works so well for you and your loved ones…

So today I want to share with you another love spell that will work perfectly to attract your soul mate! Yes, you hear me right. This is a love spell to attract your soulmate.

I know very well that attracting a soulmate is almost the number one goal of life for many witches. There are countless affirmations and love spells to attract a soulmate but they rarely work ar at least those love spells take so much time and effort so I found them useless.

The love spell to attract your soulmate that I want to share with you today is again a little hard but not that much but trust me much more effective than the others. And there is a reason for this. other kinds of love spell to attract a soulmate are only about some herbs and stones. A soulmate is something spiritual and because of this reason soulmate spells must be based on deep believes and strong faith energy including spiritual guidance and sometimes God himself…

Yes, I know the church wasn’t the best friend of witches so far but church and God are different things. Even though you don’t believe in God you cannot deny the fact that church items carry so much wishing and faith energy on them. And these energies can be used very well during a love spell to attract a soulmate.

So the first thing you need for this love spell to attract your soulmate is going to a church that you love being around, or let’s say you the church that you like the energy of the building and then grab as many candles as possible. Thıse thin white candles bring so much divine energy and power of faith to your love spell to attract the soulmate of your life.

one you grab about 50-70 candles from your church we can start practicing the love spell to attract the love and the soulmate. Just start with dressing the candles with coconut oil but before that don’t forget to carve some symbols on them. You can also use sigils to carve on the candles but please do not forget to draw the symbol of venus on all of them.

This will take a while to carve all of them but trust me it is worth it! After the carving process and adding the coconut oils, dress your candles with sugar! Yes, you heard me right. Sugar is a very basic but strong element for many love spells when it comes to attracting a soulmate. Now we have about 60 oily sugary and carved church candles’ just put them on a large tray one by one and make it look like a whole big tray full of candles.

Now start lighting up all the candles and while you are doing it say the words ‘Come find me, come find me!’. When the love spell is ready let them burn until they burn out perfectly. Now it is time to let the universe do the job!