Love Spell To Take Him Back

Welcome back, modern witches! Today I want to share with you another love spell but this one is different from the other ones because this love spell is not about attracting love into your life but taking an old love back.

Modern witches know very well that love spells are so famous in the witchcraft world. It doesn’t have to be you who needs a love spell but you may also want to help a friend or a relative that is dear to you. Both are a great reason to practice love spells but love spells also bring responsibility because what you are about to do it affecting the free will of another person. So if we start questioning the ethical aspects of love spells it is up to your heart to judge whether it is good to practice it or not.

Let’s assume that you have taken into consideration all the aspects of this love spell and decided that it will be good for everyone then it is my duty to share with you the sacred knowledge of witchcraft.

What you need for this love spell is some rice, a candle (of course try to find a red or pink one since it is a love spell) and the hair of the person you want back… Yes, it is important to have the hair of the person you want back because hair carries the DNA and what we are trying to affect is the DNA of the person.

So before you start please make sure that you have practiced some protection spells or at least some protection rituals to keep yourself from the unknown and unwanted spirits as you practice this love spell. Because let me remind you that protection spells are a must for a modern witch!

First of all, keep the hair in your palm and talk to that person. Talk to him or her and say what do you want him or her back and maybe you can also talk about as sincere as possible. You can keep this stage as long as possible to make sure that there is nothing left to say. Please remember that we are all connected and on a very deep sub-conscience level he or she knows what you say. You can also think it is like a therapy session and just try to spill your heart. This is a love spell that includes your heart too.

When you are done with this session take the candle and light it up. carve the candle his or her name. You can also carve a venus symbol too or any other symbols that you want.

Now take the rice and sing them a love song that you like or anything that reminds you of him or her. This is important because music itself is magick and if a witch is able to sing she can realize whatever she wants. Choose a song and sing it a couple of times to the rice then place the rice around the candle.

As a final of the love spell burn the hair that you have talked to and leave the ashes there. Let the candle burn until it is finished.

practice this love spell 3 times a week and do it for a month. Even though he or she comes back, just finish the ritual, this is important.

Enjoy the witchcraft!