Love Spell to Win His Heart

Welcome back dear modern and cool witches. I am glad to see you here because today I want to share with you a very cool and glamorous love spell to take the person you want in your life… He can be your friend, ex-boyfriend, or simply someone that doesn’t know you, it doesn’t matter. You can win his heart and take him forever!

The good news is, it is one of the easiest love spells on earth and also so fun to practice. I am sure you will fall in love with the idea of this love spell because it is a fashionable way to attract someone you want!

What we wear in our daily lives has a huge impact on everyone and we all know it very well. But also what we wear also has an impact on our mood too. When you feel good in what you wear that day your confidence gets higher and vice versa… This huge impact can be easily manipulated to cast a love spell and attract someone you want in your life. It sounds pretty simple and easy right. It is easy though but take a little time to prepare the spell. But I assure you it is a very cool and fun method to practice a love spell.

You can also use this method just to boost your feminine energy or attract more love into your relationship. Once you get the idea I am sure you will be able to change it according to your will even though you are just a baby witch.

First things first, you need a light scarf to wear around your neck. This is going to be the most important object of the love spell. You can use any body part but I prefer the neck because as a body part neck is a very powerful part when it comes to love…

Prepare rose water and put the scarf in it. By the way, if you can find a purple scarf that is even better. leave the scarf in the water for a night and take it out the next night. make sure you practice this love spell on a full moon day so you can leave the scarf out in the night to the full moon moonlight to dry out. When you leave it out also put some quartz stones that are charged with your love intentions.

The next step is wearing the scarf for a week but just wearing it around your neck is not enough to attract the person you want. Take a pink little notepaper and write down his name and also add ‘I am yours and you are mine. Fold it and put it between your neck and scarf.

Get a little more rose petals (if they are fresh it is better) and also put them in the scarf and make sure they touch your neck. An finally take a bay leaf and draw a Venus symbol on it and put it inside like the others.

Enjoy the love spell…