Love Spell with Ancestors!

Hello, dear modern witches, and welcome back. Hope you are all doing fine and ready for an amazing love spell that you can practice with your ancestors from the past.

I love this love spell a lot because it also gives us a chance to contact the great souls of witches who once lived on this life. And we should never forget that they are the ones that couldn’t be murdered so that we are here today and we owe them a lot. But still, I adore the feeling that they are hanging around to protect and guide us to carry this sacred knowledge through the centuries. I believe they try to make sure that they didn’t fight in vain!

So today in our modern world we still are here. the modern witches, the granddaughters of the ancient witches carrying their treasures and benefiting from them too. And ı am sure they are so glad to help up us to practice our spells whenever we seek help.

So in today’s love spell, I want to teach you how you can connect with those ancient witch souls and let them help you with what you want. They can bring immense power to the love spell because they see and know much more than you do. The tricky part is to know how to receive the messages that they send you. But before talking about that step let me share with you how you can communicate with them and tell them what you want.

The earth and the water is playing an essential role in sending a signal to them. Go to a beach or a seaside where there is also earth that you can use. If you can do this on eclipse days that would be much more powerful but still any full moon or new moon is great to practice this love spell.

First, create a sigil to call them. It can be any kind of sigil that you want but just make sure that that is a special symbol including the words ‘ancient witches’. When the sigil is ready to draw it with your finger to the water a couple of times and say ‘deliver my message to those who are the greatest witches of all times’. Now draw the symbol on the sand and repeat the same words.

After that moment, wait for the signs! They will give you a sign and when you get the sign prepare a special candle dressed with special herbs and oil and carved with the same sigil symbol. Light the candle up and just tell them what you want in your love life. You may ask for someone specific or just your dream partner, it doesn’t matter you can talk to them about anything you want.

After this ritual again you need to wait for signs but this time the signs will be stronger because they will guide you about what you should do to practice the love spell that you need.

Hide the sigil symbol and use it whenever you need to contact them.

Enjoy the love spell.