Love Spell with Autumn Spirits

Welcome back, my dear modern witches. Hope you are all fine and enjoying life to the fullest. Today I have a very unique and romantic love spell that you can practice with the spirits of autumn. Many witches adore autumn because of many reasons. Some adore it for the amazingly rich and sad colors and some love the melancholic atmosphere. In a nutshell, any witch can find something in the autumn season.

On the other hand, autumn has another face too. We all know that if love starts in autumn it is way different from the others. The feelings would be more intense and the engagement would be more strong in the relationship. So this special power of autumn can be used by witches who also want the same magic in their own relationships and to attract love in any season with the same specialties of autumn love.

The fact is every season of nature carries a special power. If you are a nature witch you know this much better than us. every season is coming with a gift in their hands and enriches our lives for better experiences. But you can benefit from them only if you know how to see and use them. Some people do this naturally and some of them learn how to use it. Even though you have the talent to feel and use it still learning more about them will be useful for your crafts.

So the first thing that you need to remember is the autumn is not all about colors… Yes, colors play a very important role but you also need to think about the patterns in nature. Dried and dead leaves are the symbol of autumn and you will need a lot of them! So when it is autumn time you should always keep in mind to go out and grab as many yellow leaves as you can to use it in any season that you want to include the autumn energy.

Now you need gold color paints but try to buy the ones that have the best quality. Some paints include real gold in them and that would be better of course but if you can’t find it it is ok…

When you are back home sit down at a table where you can see the sun and of course sun can see you too because this is not a moonlight spell, like many of them. So start drawing venus symbols on the leaves. you can also write the name of the person that you want in your life.

You can also use sigil magic for this love spell. Just create your own unique sigils to attract a loved one to attract love itself and draw them on the leaves. Also, you can paint the whole leaf too but make sure you draw or write something under the paint.

When they are ready leave them under the autumn sun for one or two days and split them into little pieces. Collect them in a jar and if you want to use them now just put a little amount into your everyday bag or pocket.

Enjoy the love spell…