Love Spell With Esma

Welcome back, modern witches… So far ı have shared with you many love spells but today’s love spell is a little different. Because this Love spell doesn’t need anything else but you… But please don’t get confused because it may look simple but it is not easy… You may feel tired a little bit but it is worth it.

In my previous love spell article, I had shared a love spell that was originally from East cultures. It was a little hard because of all the hard pronunciation of Arabic words so compared to that previous love spell this ‘Esma’ love spell is much easier and easy to practice.

As I always tell you, a witch should know almost all the spells and keep them in her book of shadows. please remember you are not a witch only for yourself but also to help the other people who need some magic in their lives.

So let me introduce you to the love spells of Esma. Esma is I believe an Arabic word again and it actually refers that making wishes come true by repeating over and over again the names of God. According to the belief God had 99 names and all of his names bring another miracle. So Arabic witches or just believers use these different names to fulfill their desires. Some people think it doesn’t work but the majority of the people who use Esmas as a love spell r as a different kind of spell strongly believe that it works so well.

In my personal experience, I can totally say that it makes an obvious change in my love life. But to see the perfect results I believe we should practice it for a longer time period. Of course, practicing all the love spells for a longer time period makes the results effective and permanent but Esmas should really be practiced at least for a week. But I believe for the best results it should be a mouth I believe. So you are the witch and the decision is up to you…

So now let’s talk about this Love spell. Like every love spell, you can always add some details to boost it like rose quartz or rose petals but trust me this is not a typical love spell. The only thing you need to do is find a quiet place and a time period that no one would disturb you.

If it is possible, turn off your phone! Sit or lay down and relax your body a little bit. Any relaxation method can be useful so feel free to use your own methods as a witch.

When you feel ready just repeat the word ‘Ya Wedud’. This is a name of God in Islamic culture and it simply means ‘Lover’ but in a more magical way. So this love spell is all about repeating this word over and over again. you should say it about 1000 times a day… And try to make it every day… ,

I am sure this love spell will bring so much luck to your love life. Try to repeat it almost every day for a week you won’t regret it…

Enjoy your magic modern witches!