Love Spell with Forest Wisdom

Welcome back, cool witches… Here is another love spell that you may enjoy. This love spell worked on many of my friends so I had to share it with you. This is not a typical candle magic love spell and you cannot practice this love spell at home! Yes. you have read that correctly. You have to go out to practice this love spell but trust me it’s worth it.

First of all, let me warn you that this live spell is not for an exact person to attract. This love spell will only bring you the best partner for you. Actually, this is why this love spell is my favorite. Also, remember that you can always practice this love spell with your other witch friends and this group practice will boost the love spell not only for you but also for your witch friends. But of course, this love spell, like any other love spells, can be practiced all alone too. You just need to be in the forest with a pink or red candle.

As you all know mother nature is the ultimate creator and mother of all so expecting love from mother nature is a very strong way to practice love spell. But fire element is a masculine form of energy so in this love spell all you need to do is to combine mother nature and fire energy to attract love to your life.

When you are ready, choose a perfect day to practice your love spell and choose the day according to the aspects of venus to make the love spell stronger. When the correct day comes take a couple of pink or red candles and carve venus symbols on them. If you are experienced with love spells you can also add any other symbols or sigils too according to your taste.

Go to the forest and make sure that no one is around. First of all, sing a beautiful peaceful song to wake mother nature and make her connect with you. Singing a song is always a very powerful way to connect with anything. According to my experiences ı can honestly say that choosing songs like opera music or high key tones soft vocals works amazing.

After you finished singing it is now time to tell mother nature what do you want. Tell her about your love dreams and your dream partner. Try to tell every single detail and while you are doing it make sure your hands are touching the earth.

When you are finished light the candles altogether and keep them together in your hand and repeat these words ‘Like the fire finds the nature let me find the partner good for my nature’ repeat it over and over again and you will feel when it is time to stop.

Now put the fire on the earth and wait until it is burned down and touches the earth. When it is burnt down your love spell will be accepted by the nature.

Enjoy the witchcraft…