Love Spell with Gem Stones

Welcome back, dear modern witches! Hope you are all fine. Today I want to invite you to a very special world… Many of you are pretty familiar with the fascinating world of stones but if you are a baby witch I need to say that you have a whole big world ahead of you to step in and discover!

The gemstones are so special and they are natural frequencies! The frequencies are everything for a witch. So if you want to be a very powerful witch I highly suggest you study the gemstones so carefully. They are all so unique and each one of them carries a special power to help a witch along the way of practicing spells.

The types of them are maybe numberless since they are natural and everything is almost endless in nature, so it may be hard to find all of them and learn all of them. But as the experienced witches know very well certain gemstones are commonly used in the witchcraft world! The number is not that low again but still a reachable goal to study them and understand the importance of the spells. Who said being a witch is easy! There is a lot to learn even though you are a very talented witch the nature is full of surprises! We have to study them carefully to connect with them and make the best out of them. From quantum particles to exotic herbs the list is so long so you’d better start now!

In this love spell, I want to share with you some gemstones and how you can practice an effective love spell with them with pretty basic methods!

All you need to do is go to a local shop that sells gemstones but if there aren’t any other are plenty of online shops that sell hundreds of different kinds of gemstones. You can order them online according to your taste!

I don’t want to limit you with giving specific names of gemstones for this love spell because you need to find which one would be the best for a love spell but I want to share with you what to do with the gemstones you get. It is so sad that many witches simply buy them and put in a corner of their house and use them as decoration. To me, it is like having the magical lamb of Alaaddin and putting it aside as a decoration!

Try to find 6 different types of gemstones and then have a large piece of paper. Now you should draw a pentagram! If you are having a problem withdrawing it correctly you can search for methods to draw the symbol. Also, decorate the paper after you draw the main pentagram. Remember that this is a love spell and it needs to be pretty… If you want you can add some roses too!

Now put the stones in every corner and one in the middle. I suggest putting the quartz into the middle but still, it is up to you. If you have chosen the correct ones you will start feeling the energy and make your wish by feeling the energy and feeling that it says yes!

Enjoy the love spell…