Love Spell With Pink Quartz

Hello dear modern witches, welcome back to another pretty harmless love spell that I would like to share with you today. So far I have shared many different love spells to make you live a loveful life and I love this duty as a witch because I love giving back to the community. I had learned this love spell that I am about to share with you from a very old witch and I had used that a lot when ı was a baby witch. So no matter if you are an experienced witch or just a beginner baby witch this love spell is just for you. Especially the baby witches should try this even though they don’t have a loving purpose in their lives just to learn how to use the quartz stones to practice a love spell. I am sure it will be very beneficial. On the other hand, I am sure that everybody needs more love in their lives because love is something that is never enough. I mean there is no such thing as ‘enough love’… It must be endless!

So for today’s love spell as you can tell from the title you need rose quartz stone. Many witches have only one quartz but to boost the energy of the love spell I recommend you to have more than one pink quartz.

By the way, if you don’t know pink and rose quartz are the same things and they are a member of the quartz crystal family. Many of us know this very well but I just wanted to share this little information for the very beginner witches.

I suggest you have at least six rose quartz stones but if you have more it is even much better. You can also add white quartz or dark quartz too but the more rose the better it is.

The basic fundamental of this love spell is that the quartz stones may hold the charge and we need to charge them with our loveful intentions and dreams. So this love spell is basically a ritual to charge them and let them bring love to your lives…

To begin with, you need to cleanse your stones. Some witches prefer water and some of them prefer the moonlight to cleanse them. I prefer using both methods. Just wash them a night before the full moon and put them out to the moonlight for a night.

When they are ready to wear a white or light pink dress and burn some white candles. Lie down on the ground and put all the stones on your body. On your forehead, on your heart, on your belly button, on your vagina, and both legs. Also, keep two of them in your hands. Now you are ready… Just start dreaming about your ideal love life and your wish. When it is done say what you want aloud a couple of times until you feel it is done.

Now gently take the charged stones and put them around your bed. You can put them under your pillow too…

Enjoy the love spell…