Love Spell with Your CAT!

Welcome back, dear modern witches. Hope you are all having fun with the love spells that I have been sharing with you recently. Love is the most important feeling in this life and boosting it with love spells is not only useful but also makes us feel more witchy which we all want to feel throughout the day!

Today I want to share an interesting love spell. This love spell is about protecting your love! So you can think of it as a protective spell too. If you have tried the love spells that I have shared so far most probably you have a great love in your life but this time you need to keep it hot and protect it! So here is a very interesting love spell about it.

In this love spell, I am going to teach you how to use your cat as a protective soul of your love! If you have a dog you can still use this spell but I believe that cats are better at love spells so I suggest you use a cat!

A cat is the best friend of a witch and this is known since ages ago that no one can deny it. Today’s modern witchery generally doesn’t care about getting help from our cats! Cats are very special and emotional animals that can have a great impact on our spells. Especially when it comes to love spells a cat can do a lot for you.

So, first, you need to find a necklace that is made of a gemstone and it can be any kind of quartz stone. When you have that little quartz first wash it and leave it under a full moon to get cleaned and charged a little bit. When this process is done prepare some candles that are carved with Venus symbols. You can also dress the candles with coconut oil which is always a perfect choice for an immortal love spell…

When the candles are ready create an environment filled with rose incense and also prepare water with rose petals. add some cinnamon and sugar to it. Soak the crystal into the water and sing a love song to affect the molecules of water. This will also affect the quartz.

When the song is over take the stone out and keep it in your hand. If you are an experienced witch probably you know many different ways to charge a crystal with your desire or spell. At this step, any method can be beneficial but simply hold the stone in your hands and feel that the happiness of your relationship and all the love is related to the stone. Think of the stone as a key to the happiness of your love relationship.

When you feel ready and feel the connection of the stone and your relationship simply create a necklace that looks like a collar for your cat.
As your cat carries this love spell he also will be the protector of this loveful relationship.

Enjoy the love spell and don’t forget to kiss your cat!