Love Spell with Your Coven

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope your life is going perfectly and hope each day starts with true witchcraft! I believe that witchery is not all about spells and magic but also is about the feeling in the air… It has very strong connections with femininity and feminine power and experiencing it in a spooky manner is what we call witchcraft!

Being a woman and a witch has so much in common so I always believed almost every woman carries the ability to become a witch. But if there is something better than feeling witchy in the morning that is sharing this feeling with your other witch friends! This is why we have created Covens!!

Covens are great to practice spells together and share your knowledge with other witches. But more importantly, they are making this witchcraft journey more meaningful because this is the place where you share all of your enthusiasm about what you are experiencing through witchcraft.

The witch holidays are always a great way to spend time with our sisters but I believe it is not the best way… My favorite is to practice a spell with my coven especially to create something we all want. Like love or a money spell.

In this article, I want to share with you a love spell that you can practice with your sisters. But it is not a let’s gather at Jane’s house and burn some candles love spell… For this specific love spell, you need to go to the forest!!! So you can also think about it as a weekend activity with your coven!

At least 5 which you need for this love spell. The main aim of the love spell is to attract love into your own lives. So before you start anything make sure that all five witches want to practice this love spell.

Find a Fullmoon night to visit a nearby forest and also make sure that the spot that you want to practice the love spell is away from the eyes of muggles!!

You all should wear white for this spell and before you go make sure you have red candles to keep in your hands. If you are ready let’s go!

When you arrive at the forest the first thing that you need to do is to find as many stones as possible. Because you need to draw a circle on the ground. When the circle is ready place inside the circle close to the edges and light the candles up. Find a witch sound love song and start singing it to wake nature up. Start turning clockwise slowly and keep singing.

When the song is over the leader of the group should call the spirits of nature. There are many ways to call them but if you have no idea just say you want them to come to help to attract love.

Get close to each other and make the shoulders touch each other as a circle. Rise the candles and say all together ‘Bring us the love bring the witches the love’ Keep saying it as you start to feel a breeze on your faces.

Now you can leave the circle one by one saying thank you.

Enjoy the love spell.