Love Spell with your Guardian Angel!

Welcome back and a big hello to my modern and cool witches. Hope you are all doing fine in this lifetime and ready for a new cool love spell that you can practice easily at your home. Thus this love spell includes our most favorite and polite friends, angels!!! I don’t know what type of a with you are but I know very well that there are many different kinds of angels for all the witch types…

Please remember not all angels have wings!! Of course, I am not talking about Lucifer, but you should remember there are many different spirits in nature and all of them are different forms of angles! If you are a sea witch, the spirits that come from the sea are the angels that you hang out with… A moon witch has different forms of angels. So you know who I am actually talking about!

But today I am actually talking about a specific kind of angel which is your guardian angel… No matter what religion you believe there are always spirits at service for us to protect us and guide us. And I believe we are so lucky for this… Otherwise, I think it would be impossible to find our path in this lifetime! Their patience and love for us is the biggest gift that we could ever get from Gods and Goddesses… So today ı want to talk about how we can receive help from our guardian angels to practice a love spell.

This is not a very typical love spell because generally, love spells are for action! I mean we practice the love spells to receive something like love or partner. But this love spell has a very different aim! the aim of this love spell is to receive answers from your guardian angles about how to draw your love path!

Your guardian angel is so happy to guide you in any area you want in your life but love is a little different because it is not something that you can plan in advance. Luck plays a huge role here and maybe you want a specific man in your life but maybe life is planning to give you Brad Pitt! So it is almost impossible to know what is about to come and get ready in advance unless you are a witch!

So this ritual that I am about to share with you is about how you can connect with your guardian angels to receive solid information about what is going to happen in your love life to keep or change it!

All you need to do is grab a clean piece of paper and a pen! ı generally suggest using colored pens because please remember that you are going to write to angels. But of course, if you are a sea witch you can also use blue or you can choose the correct color that your guardian angel may enjoy…

Write all your thoughts and ask for help. then burn the paper till the ashes and throw the ashes out of the window to the dark night.. your angel will be waiting for you in your dream!

Enjoy the love spell…