Money Bowl Spell

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches! Hope you are all having fun with your magic and this world is a wonderland for you. But it is time to come back from wonderland and talk about some money a little bit! Right?

I love sharing many different spells with you, spells as you have never seen before and obviously money spells are my favorite! Because money is real and we all need it. Also, we should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with asking for more money! There is nothing called enough money so it is always good to have more.

For this reason, there is a very common and even a traditional way for money spell which we call Money Bowl Spell! probably most of you heard about it but if this is your first time hearing this you must be a baby baby baby witch! But today I don’t want to share with you a very typical money bowl spell but a more detailed one is on the way! So hope you enjoy it!

Before everything, first things first you need to go and grab a bowl! The decoration of the bowl will be more like a nest of a bird. Go outside to nature to gather some little branches, flowers, and leaves. And get some earth too. Please remember almost all money spells are based on nature, if you want a money spell that works well.

Throw all of them into the bowl and start decorating it. Try to make sure there is only dirt in the middle of the bowl. Now with a little branch draw a pentagram symbol in the middle. Now place a Citrin crystal on the pentagram and leave it outside to the moonlight for a night!

Take it in before the down and know that now all the bowl is charged and ready for a spell. Take a pen and pencil and start designing your own sigil symbol for money spell. If you don’t know how to prepare sigil magic you can find it anywhere online how to do it. When the sigil is ready now you can grab a green candle and start dressing it. First, carve the sigil symbol and add a Jupiter symbol near it. Don’t forget to write your name too. Wear it with an oil that you think is suitable and wear some dried mint around it.

Take the Citrin stone back and place the candle in the middle. Before lighting it up it is time to think about what to put inside the bowl. generally, witches add some money, coins, and anything related to money. But I personally suggest that you should only put coins. But do not put only a couple of coins. Almost fill it with coins and make it a little heavy.

Finally, hide the coins with cinnamon sticks! Make sure the coins are not seen and pressed between the natural items and cinnamon sticks! You can alsı use grounded cinnamon too but they move a lot so it can damage the money spell. Using cinnamon sticks is better.

Light the candle up and enjoy the money spell!