Money Rain Spell

Hello and welcome back my dear modern witches. Are you ready for a money rain… I love money spells because their nature is way more different than love spells or other spells. Money doesn’t have only one face but has many faces… because abundance is not all about the collection of coins. From precious metals to the food you eat they are all about abundance and all about money. Also to live our life to the fullest we need money in this capitalist world because every little beautiful detail needs money. For some people, it is a problem because they need to work so hard and make investments to live a perfect life one day. It is a big miracle that we are witches and the purple rain money spell is with us!

Yeap! Today I want to share with you a money spell to make the money rain from the sky so you can go and enjoy your life. The main purpose of the money spell is this, living life to the fullest. And I believe this is a very scary purpose to practice a money spell because we are all here to live a life and we all have only one life if you do not believe in some other belief. This way or that way as yourself you only have one life so now it is time to make it more abandoned and happy!

So let’s start. This money spell is so much fun to practice but it doesn’t mean it is easy. So please keep in mind that you cannot simply go home and practice this money spell like you are boiling water to make a witch tea! It will take a little time and effort. But I love this aspect of this money spell because while you are on this path you can also see if the universe is also working with you to make things easier for you or not. If it is not helping you you’d better start thinking about it. But that is whole another story!

You need to find bird feathers as much as you can. At least ten of them. They all have to be real and have to be found on the way! The color is not important because when you collect them all you should dye them with a purple color.

So now let’s talk about the purple color because you need rainwater to prepare and apply the color. You can buy any watercolor label for this spell but the water must be rainwater. You should stick the feathers together as a circle and dye them purple with rainwater. Wait for a full moon night and leave it outside for one night. You can take it inside before the down and now wear it like a crown.

Now, this part is the most important stage of the money spell. Choose a rainy day to go to the forest and wear your purple crown. Walk in the forest until you feel it is enough but let yourself get wet. Every drop that falls on your crown will be the money that you will receive…

Enjoy the money spell!