Money Spell for A Lifetime Wealth

Do you like owls? Well, who doesn’t? They are so witch and marvelous in many ways. They are the divine messengers and they always carry a message from the forces of the universe. So, whenever you see a pretty owl you should feel so lucky because it means the forces of the universe really wants to talk to you about something!

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are having an amazing time in your witchy life and enjoying your powers. Today I am here again to share with you a beautiful money spell to attract a lifetime of wealth into your life.

So far I have only mentioned the conditional money spells, I mean those were the money spell to attract money only for a purpose. But the aim of this money spell is to prepare a money reserve to make you feel safe for the rest of your life. So please do not directly go on a vacation when you have the money!

This is actually not a very easy money spell and it may take some time to practice it also you need some drawing talent to accomplish the goals of the money spell…

Having a lifetime of wealth is not a very simple job because you cannot say that you need this amount of money to live happily ever after. You need systems and investments and these things vary from person to person. So when you want to practice a money spell about this issue you should ask for advice because it is not an ‘oh I received it’ thing. You will need a chain of help from the universe.

So when we consider everything that I said it leads us to the process of this money spell… Let’s start if you are ready.

You need green ink and some paper to start with. Start writing a letter to the forces of the universe and try to say everything in your mind. Every single idea of investing or your every dream when you reach the goal of lifetime wealth.

So when you think it is done and you have talked about everything you want start drawing owls on every page with green pencils. It doesn’t have to be pens but make it as green as possible. When you are done with the little ones take a blank page and draw a very big owl and try to create it as big as possible. I know it will take some time but trust me it is worth it!

Finally when the letter is ready put it in an envelop and throw it into the sea near you…

Now it is time to wait… You should wait for an owl. It is not always easy to see an owl in city life but miracles happen so you have to be patient and it will come to you as a sign from the forces of the universe. It means they are ready to help you and after the owl, you will start seeing the bits of help! Everything will be easier for you and all you need to do is catch the messages and follow them!

Enjoy the money spell!