Money Spell For Lingerie

Hello and welcome back dear modern witches. Hope you are all doing fine and ready for a very sexy money spell! I know it sounds a little bit funny and we are generally used to having sexy spells for only love spells but a money spell can be sexy too! First of all, money is sexy! So I need to warn you that this money spell is only for the ones who wear bras and underwear! A bra is so important so most of the practitioners of this money spell should be female witches. But if you are a male witch you can also try that out but I don’t think you would be interested…

Nature is full of abundance and all we try to do is turn them into money with some witchcraft and enjoy our witchy lives. I believe that just going to nature itself is a money spell too because all the vibrations in nature are just abundance itself. But what we want is to carry that energy in our pockets and use them whenever we want. So It sometimes may be hard to keep them in our pockets but thanks to magic it is possible…

Before I tell you how to do this I need you to be clear about why do you want the money. For what purpose you want to use it you should be clear about it and then the money spell works you shouldn’t pay your money for something else. I have mentioned it a lot in other articles but since this is such an important issue I had to say that again.

OK! First things first, you need to go to nature. Any forest or any natural place where you can find flowers will be ok for this money spell. But before you go take some moon water with you. You can prepare it a day before and can make it in any form or taste as you wish. But it doesn’t have to be relevant to your money spell goals.

When you find some beautiful flowers sprinkle the moon water over them and say thank you for all the beautiful energies. Try to make a connection with the flowers. You will that some of them will get in touch with you spiritually. Pick them up and take them home.

Prepare another moon water for that night and add the flowers to it. Also, get a bay leaf and write down your goal on the bay leaf. Add that to the water and leave it to the moonlight for a night. Take the moon water back inside before the down and keep it in a dark place before you go out.

When it is time to wear your bra and underwear take the flowers from the water and dry them a little. Now put them inside your bra and underwear. If you don’t want to use your underwear you don’t have to but the goal is to keep them close to your female organs like the vagina and breasts.

Enjoy the money spell!